William Shakespeare



Middle Temple Hall, London

20 August – 3 September 2011


Quercy and Périgord, France

2 – 11 August 2011



A wild sea storm casts the King of Naples and his followers upon a barren shore - but this mysterious island is not as deserted as it seems.


The banished Duke of Milan, Prospero, has made the isle his own, and seeks to use his magical powers to revenge himself upon those who have wronged him...


Often seen as his farewell to the theatre, Shakespeare's last and most magical play deals with the grand themes of reconciliation, forgiveness, art and illusion.


Performed in the spectacular Middle Temple Hall, Antic Disposition's production marked the 400th anniversary of the play's first recorded performance.




Fringe Review:



"The strength of Antic Disposition's ensemble of actors is built on the strength of their clear understanding and use of Shakespeare's script, imbued with staged direction embedded in its poetic language.


“Ami Sayers (Miranda) is stunningly good in the role: every word and movement is expressed with understanding and she finds new meanings in many difficult passages.


"Christopher Rowland’s Ariel is inspiring to watch. His singing channels James Burrows' superb atmospheric music.


"I recommend that Antic Disposition's The Tempest deserves to be viewed widely, nationally and internationally, achieving its own well-deserved milestones. I warrant that it will be one of the best productions of the play audiences will see for a long time."


The Bardathon:


"Designer John Risebero and lighting designer Howard Hudson did wonders with the space. The whole was directed with a painterly eye for composition, most powerfully as the "men of sin" raised the lid of a casket and were illuminated by golden light from within, standing for the wonder of the banquet."






Ben Horslen

John Risebero



John Risebero


Lighting Designer

Howard Hudson



James Burrows




Tony Austin

Ben Benson

Maurice Byrne

Callum Coates

Richard Franklin

Alexander Jonas

David Pibworth

Robin Rightmyer

Christopher Rowland

Ami Sayers

Tony Wredden